Burglar nabbed

MILDRED — One suspect was apprehended early today and a second is being sought after a break-in at Brown’s Market in Mildred.
Mildred residents Charles Helzer and Stephen Reed foiled the burglary.
Reed lives near the store and about 3 a.m. his dog began to bark. That awoke both Reed and his neighbor Helzer. Outdoors they conferred about what caused the normally quiet dog to erupt.
The men then noticed two people carrying things from the store and called 911. After making the call they approached the store and the two intruders fled, one in a truck and the other on foot.
Within minutes Deputy Darin Kellerman arrived and soon routed Justin Thompson, 20, Garnett, from where he was hiding a few blocks away near U.S. 59. Thompson started to run, but then decided to give himself up to Kellerman.
The other suspect, also from Garnett, was identified. He had not been arrested as of late this morning.