Arrest follows chase

Aaron Hutton, Iola, was arrested Saturday for theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, driving while his driver’s license was suspended, driving while under the influence of alcohol, criminal damage to property and felony attempt to flee and elude officers.
Events that led to Hutton’s arrest began shortly after midnight Saturday morning.
Undersheriff Shannon Moore said she was talking with several LaHarpe citizens in the 300 block of West 11th Street when she noticed a speeding vehicle. When it turned onto 11th Street Moore said she made herself visible and motioned the driver to stop. He didn’t, and instead came toward Moore, who moved aside to avoid being hit.
The vehicle ran into a ditch. Moore slapped the windshield and ordered the driver to step out. Instead, he backed from the ditch and drove off, with Moore following a short distance on foot. When she could not get the vehicle stopped, Moore went to her vehicle and followed, at a distance of a several blocks. The driver was driving at speeds of greater than 70 miles an hour in town, she said, and she purposely avoided getting too close.
Other officers arrived but Moore had lost sight of the vehicle. Then came a report of a car having wrecked on McKinley Street.
Hutton was arrested later after LaHarpe residents, aware of the incident, saw him and notified officers.