Anti-fluoride speaker at Rotary

Register City Editor

HUMBOLDT — Dr. Albert W. Burgstahler told a dozen Rotarians here Thursday that ignorance on the part of U.S. doctors and dentists is why communities continue to allow fluoridation of their water supply.
Burgstahler contends fluoridation does not prevent tooth decay and is in fact harmful to humans.
The former University of Kansas chemistry professor is one of a vocal minority of opponents to the process which most cities in the United States use.
Burgstahler claimed personal experience as proof of the harmful effects of fluoridated water.
Though he had previously lived in communities with fluoridated water without any ill effects, he said when he moved to Lawrence he began to experience tiredness and aching joints which he attributed to the city’s fluoridated water. When he quit drinking Lawrence’s water, he said he regained his energy and felt better.
Research that proves fluoride helps fight tooth decay is outdated and biased, Burgstahler maintained.
Burgstahler’s presentation was arranged by Paul Finney, a Humboldt resident who is among those opposed to the city fluoridating its water. Mail ballots for a referendum on the issue will be sent out Tuesday. Ballots will be counted Sept. 22.
Burgstahler has made fighting fluoridation a personal mission. He edits the journal Fluoride, which features anti-fluoride articles, but maintains it gives space to both sides of the issue.
He contends a good diet and personal hygiene are sufficient for healthy teeth and gums.