Alcohol ban remains for Bowlus

Register City Editor

Trustees of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center voted not to change its no alcohol policy when they met Monday evening.
Approval of a courtesy motion would have permitted wine and similar beverages to be served during private functions in the Creitz Recital Hall. No members voted for the measure.
Susan Raines, executive director of the arts center, proposed a policy that would allow limited alcohol be served at private functions without under-age participants. She said permitting alcohol might lead to more events being scheduled, thus additional income for the Center.
In the past five years, two wedding receptions at the recital hall would have served champagne had it been allowed, Raines said, and planners of two other receptions went elsewhere because of the alcohol ban.
Buck Quincy said he looked on the Bowlus Center as an educational adjunct of the district and thought alcohol was not appropriate in any building so designated.
“If it were the only place where such events could be held I might feel differently,” he said.

TRUSTEES voted not to oppose a new handicap-accessible entrance on the west side of Iola Public Library that will intrude on a five-foot setback zone between the library and the Bowlus Fine Arts Center property line.
Iola building codes contain a five-foot setback at property lines, to prevent buildings on adjoining properties from being closer than 10 feet to each other.
Plans are for the entryway to extend 3.1 feet into the setback on the library’s side, just a foot farther than it does now.
Dr. Craig Neuenswander, superintendent of schools, told trustees parking space widths would be reduced eight inches, to nine feet, to maintain the current number of spaces. The standard for parking spaces is nine feet.
Members of Iola’s Board of Zoning Appeals will decide the matter.