Airport review, analysis, starts

Register City Editor

For the bargain basement price of $10,000, Allen County will get an extensive review of the airport that will result in a 20-year master plan focusing on airport improvements to best serve residents and local economic interests. The Federal Aviation Administration will pay $190,000 for the plan in a 95-5 funding arrangement.
GarverUSA, a Frisco, Texas, engineering firm, will conduct the study, which is expected to take about nine months. FAA review and analysis will take an additional four to six months, Garver representative Perry Havenar told county commissioners Tuesday.
A meeting with members of the Airport Advisory Board and airport users will start the process. Garver researchers will explore the history of the airport and survey how it is used and by whom to define airport direction.
“We’ll find how local people want the airport to grow and progress,” Havenar said.
Also on the table will be analysis of the airport’s management, financing and public posture.
The plan will forecast how the airport can aid the county, municipalities, industries and individuals intent on economic development. Havenar noted that utilities and other amenities would be considered in the master plan.
Today 15 planes — 13 single-engine and two multi-engine — are kept in hangars at the airport. The airport is under the direction of Allen County’s Public Works Department. Daily management is by Mitch Garner.